Raft Construction

The Mighty Mackenzie slowly flows by as the raft takes shape. Lodgepole pines make up the framing, 18 plastic oil drums will be used for flotation.

Armed with only a Swedish Survival Handbook to guide him, Arne takes a crack at knot-tying.

1,200 feet of rope is used to hold the raft together.

Three rows of six oil drums nestled in the lodgepole framing make the raft very buoyant.

A total of nine sheets of plywood give a comfortable 12x24 foot deck. An oar is added to allow for course corrections.

A ten foot high crow's nest is built to allow for a better view and as an escape for weary crew members.

A satisfied Captain Börje Johansson
in front of the completed raft, the SS BuoyBuster.

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