Unusual behaviors of mine and other things that I tolerate:

Resting like a baby

I really DO like music

I prefer FRESH water

What do you do with these?

Just me being cute:

My owner's favorite picture of me

A nice warm spot

I love good music

It's nice to sleep under the covers

Like most other cats, I really enjoy being lazy:

Coyote Cat

Dignified yawn

Yes, this is a yawn

Stop taking pictures, it's time to sleep!

Resting in various locations:

A good view from the bookshelf

The printer can get noisy

Content on the stereo with mom looking on

I'm helping read the paper

Some of my friends:

Ralph is my neighbor:

My buddy Ralph

My owner's girlfriend, now wife, found Clementine and her new-born kittens in her garage. They were well taken care of at my owner's house until he gave them away to caring homes.

Clementine and her kittens

Clementine getting a bath

Clementine's kittens

That's all for now!
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