The Mountain of Dew WWW Page

Ryan Krueger & Jon Gohr:

We like Mt. Dew. We like it a lot. We're programmers. We drank so much we made a pyramid. There are 296 cans there. We challenge anyone to show more empty Dew volume.

Stat Total Per person
#cans 296 148
fl oz 3552 1776
gal US 23.1 11.5
mg caffeine 16280 8140
oz caffeine.57.29

This just in! The Challenge has been met!

Brian M. Wenger & Geoff Ring:

Stat Total Per person
#cans 507 253.5
fl oz 6084 3042
gal US 47.53 23.765
mg caffeine 27885 13942.5

Roland Gustafsson:

9 - 2 liter bottles (67.6oz) = 608 oz + (2 - 12oz cans) = 632 oz.

Roland Gustafsson:

This picture is of my desk back in 1991, hence the old hardware. But the true Dew drinker wouldn't notice all the antique hardware, the six 2 liter bottles are too enticing! (Actually, they're empty, so I guess they're not that enticing after all...) Total volume of Dew: 406 oz.

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