Driving Back to Penticton

From Inuvik, we drove down the Dempster Highway to the Klondike Highway, just outside Dawson. The air was a bit hazy from many forest fires burning out of control.

As soon as we reached the Yukon border, the air cleared up and we had incredible views. This picture shows the Dusty Dempster! Even though it's a dirt road, we drove up to 100 km/h. (60mph)

About halfway down the Dempster, we crossed the Arctic Circle. I looked for a red line but didn't see one!

I tried my best to capture the beauty of the autumn Yukon on film, but you have to see it for yourself! Red, yellow, green, orange, purple! This was our view from a campground near Tombstone Mountain.

The Yukon River

Relaxing in the Liard Hot Springs.

Our last on-the-go meal before we reach Penticton.

That's the end of the story... until our next adventure! Hope you enjoyed it!

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